The Journal of Access, Retention, and Inclusion in Higher Education supports research in the areas of developmental education, access, retention, inclusion, and student success in higher education. Contributors provide scholarly research, practical insight, and accounts of best practices to support students from traditionally underrepresented, first generation, and other marginalized communities. Readership includes faculty, program managers, legislators and college/university senior leadership.

The Journal of Access, Retention and Inclusion in Higher Education (JARIHE) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication, which utilizes a double-blind peer review process. 

The Journal focuses on research, position papers and reports on best practices as it pertains to student success broadly defined.  This applies to all students and not only those programs who work with students in developmental programs.  This does not exclude scholarly research, practical insights or best practices focused on developmental education programs.

Manuscripts focused on developmental and non-developmental programs in two-year and four-year institutions are welcome.  Submissions by graduate students and graduate students who are co-authoring with a faculty member are also welcome.

Work that examines student success from the following perspectives are welcome:

  • College retention, persistence, and graduation rates
  • Honors and content specific student success initiatives (STEM, Business, etc.)
  • Developmental courses
  • Developmental course placement strategies
  • Issues of access and inclusion in higher education
  • Challenges and triumphs related to diversity, first generation and other marginalized communities
  • Student success and student athletes
  • High-impact practices (study abroad, summer programs, etc.)
  • Programmatic developmental education strategies
  • Pedagogical strategies in developmental education
  • Financial support
  • Other topics related to student success