Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Music (MM)


Music Theory and Composition

Committee Chairperson

Adam Silverman, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Robert Maggio, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Alexander Rozin, Ph.D.


The King and The Chariot is at its heart, a compilation of all that inspires me in music. From hymn tunes, declamatory fanfares, gentle chorales, and somber laments. For this reason, I chose to write this piece for wind ensemble, since much of the music I’m inspired by is written for that idiom. Most of the piece is based around the hymn, A Mighty Fortress is our God. The hymn itself is primarily presented in a minor mode and in fragments, somewhat reflecting my own personal struggles with Christian spirituality and faith. While most arrangements of A Mighty Fortress are written in a way to be uplifting, I did not aim to do that with this composition. I wanted to write something that sounded darker and deeper, with an ancient feel. I drew heavy inspiration from the music of the medieval and renaissance periods in order to achieve that sound. While there are sections that are more positive in nature, the overall mood is supposed to be dark.

The form of the piece was initially meant to be variations on a theme, but during the compositional process it started to become something else. It grew into something similar to an organ improvisation that would function as a postlude or prelude for a Christian mass. Up until recently, this piece was titled Fanfare for Band. At the suggestion of Dr.Silverman, I decided to find a title that better suited the piece. I asked some of my friends for their suggestions, and one of them remarked that the music reminded them of a tarot card that depicted an emperor riding inside a chariot. Due to the processional and regal nature of the music, I thought “The King and The Chariot” would be a fitting title.

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