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Excess sugar in individuals’ diets may lead to weight related health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Sugar in processed foods is used to add sweetness and intensify flavor this is common in products such as oatmeal and granola bars. Reducing the amount of sugar in food products can contribute to all three pillars of sustainability environmental, economic and social. The goal of this report is to show the steps of developing a reduced sugar oatmeal food product up to the point that it is ready for conducting a sensory evaluation. This report and possible presentation at the WCU’s research day will also partially meet the requirements of the NTD 450 (Field to Fork Events), the capstone course of the Department of Nutrition’s Sustainable Food Systems Management concentration. This report and presentation will connect the developed food product with environmental sustainability (impact of sugar refining industry on the environment) and address social sustainability of this locally sourced food product. The ultimate goal of this project is to show-case an example of a sustainable food product development from farm to event.

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