Submissions from 2016


Masques, Mayings and Music-Dramas: Vaughan Williams and the Early Twentieth-Century Stage by Roger Savage (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 2015


Lost Chords and Christian Soldiers: The Sacred Music of Sir Arthur Sullivan by Ian C. Bradley (review), Julian Onderdonk


The Music of Herbert Howells, edited by Phillip A. Cooke and David Maw (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 2014

"Silver Threads," performed by Mellissa Hughes, Jacob Cooper

"Hand - To - Mouth" From TOUCHING HEAVEN, Robert Maggio

"He Needs Me" From SHALL WE DANCE?, Robert Maggio

"Rain" From RAIN AND ASH (String Quartet No. 2), Robert Maggio


Hamilton Harty: Musical Polymath, by Jeremy Dibble (review), Julian Onderdonk


Music and Theology in Nineteenth-Century Britain, edited by Martin V. Clarke (review), Julian Onderdonk

Intabulation (ornamented recomposition) of Anonymous, En la maison Dedalus (14th c.) for plectrum lute and harp, Mark Rimple

Partita 622 (excerpt) for flute, violin, cello, viola da gamba and harpsichord, Mark Rimple

"Will you shrink from me?", To Golias for countertenor and electric guitar, Mark Rimple

Quick Blood, Adam B. Silverman

Sparklefrog, Adam B. Silverman

Afterland, version for one pianist and video projection, 13 March 2014, Van Stiefel

Premiere of Splitting for guitar and fixed media, Van Stiefel

Yellow Dog Blues, Van Stiefel

Submissions from 2013


In Search of Song: The Life and Times of Lucy Broadwood, by Dorothy de Val (review), Julian Onderdonk


Glad to be sad, and other examples of benign masochism, Paul Rozin, Lily Guillot, Katrina Fincher, Alexander Rozin, and Eli Tsukayama

Carbon Paper and Nitrogen Ink, Adam B. Silverman

Sturm for piano trio, Adam B. Silverman

Submissions from 2012

Island of Bones for electric guitar and laptop running ChucK, Van Stiefel

Submissions from 2011

"Clifton Gates," performed by Timothy Andres, Jacob Cooper

Gasoline Rainbow, Adam B. Silverman

Naked And On Fire, Adam B. Silverman

sHowl solo, Van Stiefel

Submissions from 2010

Tryptich I: "Commencer Une Autre Mort", Jacob Cooper


Studies in English Church Music, 1550-1900. (Variorum Collected Studies Series, CS926) by Nicholas Temperley (review), Julian Onderdonk

TEDxPhoenixville with the WCU Laptop Arts Ensemble, Van Stiefel

Submissions from 2009


Letters of Ralph Vaughan Williams 1895-1958, edited by Hugh Cobbe (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 2008


Vaughan Williams on Music by David Manning (review), Julian Onderdonk


Tributes to Leonard B. Meyer: He Was the Very Model of a Modern Musicologist, Alexander Rozin

Submissions from 2004


The Cambridge Companion to Debussy, by Simon Trezise (review), Julian Onderdonk


The Feeling of Music Past: How Listeners Remember Musical Affect, Alexander Rozin, Paul Rozin, and Emily Goldberg

Submissions from 2003


Charles Villiers Stanford, by Paul Rodmell (review), Julian Onderdonk


Elgar's Oratorios: The Creation of an Epic Narrative, by Charles Edward McGuire (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 2002


Vaughan Williams's Ninth Symphony, by Alain Frogley; Vaughan Williams, by Simon Heffer (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 1998


Tonal and Motivic Process in Mozart's Expositions, Scott Leslie Balthazar

Submissions from 1995


Rutland Boughton and the Glastonbury Festivals, by Michael Hurd (review), Julian Onderdonk


The English Musical Renaissance, 1860-1940: Construction and Deconstruction, by Robert Stradling and Meirion Hughes (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 1994


The Music of Edmund Rubbra, by Ralph Scott Grover (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 1993


Farewell, My Youth and Other Writings by Arnold Bax, edited by Lewis Foreman (review), Julian Onderdonk

Submissions from 1992


Charles Ives: A Bio-Bibliography by Geoffrey Block (review), Thomas D. Winters

Submissions from 1988


Rossini and the Development of the Mid-Century Lyric Form, Scott Leslie Balthazar