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This chapter interrogates what is lost and what is gained in [the] turn toward cyberspace as a new venue for interacting with a traumatic past. It will first examine the discussions and debates that took place in Argentina as former detention centres were converted into sites of memory, using the debate about the recovery of Escuela Mecánica de la Armada [ESMA] (the Navy School of Mechanics) as an illustrative example. Then, it will compare the features of some of actual memory sites in Buenos Aires with the interactive documentary features on the website, specifically focusing on the narrative logic and guided visits of the physical sites, taking the Casino de Oficiales [Officers’ Quarters] of the former ESMA as its central case study. Lastly, it will discuss these similarities and differences in dialogue with the issues raised in the ESMA debate over the conversion of such historical places into memory sites in order to highlight and analyse the ethical questions posed by this new horizon of technologically enhanced memory activism in Argentina.

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