A Conversation with Robert Shepherd Cosmopolitanism and Tourism

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Seminar Presentation

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Robert Shepherd, seasoned tour leader for Smithsonian Journeys and professor of anthropology at George Washington University, discusses his volume, Cosmopolitanism and Tourism with Professor Michael A. Di Giovine. One of the primary motivations of travel—from cultural tourism to study abroad—is to cultivate “global citizenship” and a sense of cosmopolitanism. Yet this is also dependent on the culturally embedded, parochial, and particular world views which it rejects. Dr. Shepherd explores what a “global” consciousness means to people situated in different cultural landscapes and to what extent might these intersect with cosmopolitan values, as well as the ways in which social and economic class, race, educational background, and gender have have in cosmopolitan claims. Part of the Lexington Books’ Anthropology of Tourism Author Conversation Series, moderated by series editor Michael A. Di Giovine. More information on the book is here: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498549776... .

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