Date of Award

Spring 2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Music (MM)


Music Theory and Composition

Committee Chairperson

Robert Maggio, PhD.

Committee Member

Devin Arne, DMA.

Committee Member

Jacob Cooper, DMA.

Committee Member

Adam Silverman, PhD.


New Hampshire is a concept album: a recording project inspired by Robert Frost’s (1874-1963) large poetic work of the same title. After reading Frost’s lengthy first poem (also titled “New Hampshire”) I felt an immediate connection between his texts and my musical style. Frost’s “New Hampshire” features many depictions of nature and creates mystery through its colorful, sometimes vague imagery that leaves interpretive space for the imaginative reader, which, in my opinion, is the mark of a great poet. As a reflection of Frost’s text, my album contains atmospheric, ambient music drawing influence from folk, Americana, rock, jazz, with the addition of samples that I thought best fit the sounds of New Hampshire as a text and a place in the United States of America.