Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Applied Statistics

Committee Chairperson

Randall Rieger, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Robert Gallop, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Scott McClintock, Ph.D.


The purpose of this study is to determine if player and coaching continuity is significant in predicting team performance in the NFL. First, the relationship will be explored between team performance and team continuity, as a whole. Then, the players and coaching staff will be stratified into different positional categories, and the relationship between the continuity within each of those categories and team performance will be examined. The different player position groups will be broken down into quarterbacks, running backs, receiving corps, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, and the secondary. The coaching staff will be categorized as head coaches, offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, and special teams coordinators. This research can help NFL franchises make more informed decisions relating to the hiring and firing of coaches, as well as the acquisition and departure of player personnel.