Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Athletic Training – Post Professional Concentration

Committee Chairperson

Nicole Cattano, PhD, LAT, ATC

Committee Member

Alison Gardiner-Shires, PhD, LAT, ATC

Committee Member

Neil Curtis, EdD, LAT, ATC


Background: Low back pain is a common problem that can include injury to the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) with 15-30% of cases arising from LBP. Treatment for SIJ includes muscle energy. A newer approach from Postural Restoration Institution (PRI) centered around pelvic patterns alignment has also been used. There’s limited research found describing the prevalence of pelvic patterns within populations with PRI method.

Purpose: To examine prevalence of pelvic patterns and investigate a relationship of low back pain. Furthermore, to explore the specific patterns closely and the ability to re-align pelvic patterns by utilizing PRI repositioning exercises.

Study Design: Cross sectional study

Methods: Individuals 18-26 years of age who met ACSM criteria of physically active. Participants filled out demographic survey on amount/type of physical activity they partake in as well as experience of LBP during physical activity accompanied with an Oswestry Disability questionnaire. Two special test, Adduction and Extension Drop Test were performed to determine pelvic pattern.

Results: High prevalence of PEC pattern (29/30) was noted with unsuccessful repositioning following intervention. Subjective data reported of less restriction in hip motion following the intervention with no change in ADT. No significance was found with LBP and pelvic patterns or physical activities participated in.

Conclusion: We found high prevalence of PEC patterns in the physically active college age population. No differences from report of LBP history to pelvic patterns were found. There were no true changes of any pelvic patterns but anecdotally reported less restriction in lower extremities following intervention.