Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Thesis Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chairperson

Maureen McVeigh Trainor, M.F.A

Committee Member

Carolyn Sorisio, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Pete Duval, M.F.A.



This thesis contains the first part in its entirety of a series of four interconnected stories, all set around the Delaware Valley and greater Southeastern Pennsylvania region. The focus is on the expanding suburban and exurban rural-esque landscape and the relationships that lie within all while subverting the expectations of the noir crime genre, and hopefully of the reader as well. Building on real world locations and people, this fictionalized portrayal aims to capture the struggling human condition of an ever changing, blue collar, working class county when faced with rolling changes by powers out of their control. Point of view and perception, of both the reader and the characters, also play a role in uncovering the pasts and realities of these characters as themes growing from the impacts of death, mental fragility and disease, gender stereotypes, and systemic power abuse drive the actions and decisions of these various characters.

This manuscript follows Hanna and Roy as they seek revenge on those that have wronged them, or their loved ones, while their own relationship with each other ebbs and flows, ultimately leading to each breaking down. This is about mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, growing up and growing old, death and dying, burgeoning madness and illuminating loneliness, finding love, and losing it, and doing whatever it is you can to find and achieve what you wanted - even if it’s too late to make any difference.