Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Degree Name

Master of Music (MM)


Music Theory and Composition

Committee Chairperson

Mark Rimple, D.M.A.

Committee Member

Robert Maggio, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Jacob Cooper, D.M.A.


From our earliest stories and songs, we have acknowledged water as the nourishment of life. It surrounds us in our oceans and atmosphere, and carries us to new adventures. This piece bookends physical descriptions of water and how we use it in our daily lives with the spiritual: water’s role in our myths and religions as a reflection of our humanity, our relationship to the divine, and our salvation. The libretto draws on a wide variety of sources, ranging from the ancient to the modern and crossing boundaries of religion and culture. Similarly, the music is inspired by a diverse array of styles from plainchant to modernism. Together, this patchwork of ideas creates a sense of diversity and, I hope, unity.

Although Out of the Froth of the Sea isn’t intended to be a cry for environmentalism. My hope is that audiences will leave the performance with an appreciation for the water around them - to stop and listen to the sounds of a creek or revel in the play of the light in a drinking glass - and that may certainly cause us to slow down and think about our role in caring for our planet.

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