Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Higher Education Policy and Student Affairs

Committee Chairperson

Dana Morrison, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Kenneth D. Witmer, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Jacqueline S. Hodes, Ed.D.


Accessibility for students with disabilities on university campuses is important to our field as student affairs professionals because students with disabilities make a growing population of the student body on university and college campuses (Burgstahler, & Moore, 2009). I believe that it takes someone who passionately cares to make a difference in the higher education community. A value that is significant to understand me would be my fierce belief that all people deserve a chance to earn a higher education regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, and ability levels. I believe a chance at higher education is not only growth for an individual, but an opportunity for a better tomorrow and a better community through educated citizenship. Experiences throughout my entire higher education career have shaped my perception of this concern for accessibility of students with disabilities in higher education.