Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type

DNP Project Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



Committee Chairperson

Jacquelyn M. Owens, DNP, CRNP

Committee Member

Lisa Johnson, Ph.D., RN, CPN

Committee Member

Cheryl D. Schlamb, DNP, CRNP


The effectiveness of lavender aromatherapy in improving emotional well-being was evaluated using a pre-test, post-test design. Twenty-nine firefighters and emergency medical personnel completed the Visual Facial Anxiety Scale before and after a 5-minute lavender aromatherapy intervention. The population had high initial levels of well-being that was later contributed to social connectedness, civic and community engagement. Post-intervention the overall well-being of the group increased with the largest movement being from individuals that rated themselves as Somewhat Happy to Happy (n=10). A preference for the scent of lavender was the most significant indicator for change (p=0.0158). Lavender aromatherapy can be used as a tool to improve emotional well-being in individuals that prefer the scent. Future areas of research should focus on strengthening the links between lavender aromatherapy and well-being.