Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type

Capstone Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)


Public Policy and Administration

Committee Chairperson

Mark W. Davis, Ph.D., MPA

Committee Member

Allison Turner, Ph.D., MPA


This study provides insights into the impacts of a Living-Learning Community (LLC) that focuses on Civic Engagement and Political Science (CEPS) at a mid-sized public institution in the United States. Residents were randomly assigned to the LLC and were assessed once early in the fall semester and again after a semester's worth of intentional programming that was designed and implemented to better educate them about civic engagement. The assessments provided data that illuminated their understanding of and participation in civic engagement. The residents were surveyed via an electronic survey that provided quantitative data and by a set of focus groups that provided the researcher with qualitative data. The total population of this LLC was thirty-two (32) however the number of actual participants was significantly less. The data that was generated, allowed the researcher to gain a glimpse into the student population, however, the lack of participants did not allow the researcher to apply many statistical tools to the data. That is not to say that the study was without importance because the researcher definitely gained insights into the student population mainly via the qualitative data. Although the results of the study were inconclusive, the researcher was still able to generate suggestions for future research regarding LLCs and CEPS communities from the qualitative data. This study may be helpful to establish a longitudinal analysis of the knowledge of and participation in civic engagement in college age individuals.