Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type

DNP Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



Committee Chairperson

Cheryl D. Schlamb, DNP, CRNP

Committee Member

Houssam Abdul-Al, MD

Committee Member

Megan A. Mraz, PhD, RN


Without prompt identification, screening and treatment of iron deficiency (ID), patients with heart failure (HF) will continue to struggle with poor health and higher health care utilization, impacting patient-centered and health care outcomes. This is particularly concerning in rural areas with limited access to services, especially for those who cannot easily leave the home for medical care. Currently, comorbid ID remains under-detected and under-treated yet current evidence supports treatment in patients with HF for the improvement of symptoms. It is not known if patients with all types of HF could benefit from oral iron in the home setting, but those patients at-risk must first be identified for screening and treatment purposes. The aim of this quality improvement project was to retrospectively review data to understand the impact of an algorithm to identify and to treat ID in this population. Descriptive data points were demographics, types of HF, anemia treatment and utilization but were not collected and analyzed for this DNP project due to a student contract impasse. Considerations and recommendations for future projects are discussed.