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In Spring 2021, West Chester University’s Office of Sustainability hired the Post- Landfill Action Network (PLAN) to support two Sustainability Peer Educators, Grace Bowden ‘21 and Andrew James ‘21, to conduct a holistic assessment of the University’s waste management system. WCU’s Climate Action Plan includes a goal of achieving zero waste (as defined by 90% diversion from landfills and incinerators), with no defined timeline for achievement. The plan also outlines a number of key next steps in working towards that goal, many of which have yet to be achieved as outlined in this report. WCU remains committed to reduce waste sent to landfill and to change the ways the campus purchases and manages goods to be in the best interests of the environment and WCU. The following report is intended to identify concrete steps that WCU can take to shift towards holistic zero waste systems.

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