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West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a public four-year undergraduate and graduate degree-granting university within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).


This is a summary of abstracts from the poster and oral presentations made by undergraduate students during Research and Creative Activities Day at West Chester University in April of 2019. The abstracts describe research and creative activities that the students conducted in collaboration with their faculty mentors who are listed with the abstracts. For more information about the study or the creative activity, please contact the mentor directly using the contact email address.

Student Authors Included:

Emily Rodden, Alissa Grady, Joyce Pour-Azar, Lauren Stricker, MacKenzie Holm, Samantha Bobst, Joelle Buenaventura, Julianne Duko, Angel Jacabella, Taylor Stuart, Liam Pierson, Kathleen Shultz, Amanda Johnston, Justin Gibson, Taylor Potts-Gordon, Sofia Vanderhyde, Ryan Manzo, Natha Helfrick, Olivia King, Rebecca Burr, Mary Ann Blumenthal, Zachary Weaver, Keriann Mosley, Alyssa Allen, Dominique McQuade, Amelia Oberholtzer, Jacquelyn Redmond, Terrence Riley, Kelly O’Donnell, Megan Ray, James Palmer, Tiffany Kennedy, Samantha Walsh, Kateri Sload, Colin Mancini, Erin Walsh, Ali Donohue, Ashley Nielsen, Adam Vanluvanee, Rebecca Spackman, Jenna Cummings, Garrett Compton, James Devor, Emily Feldman, Brady Barley, and Cassidy Tennity