Author Bio

Hazir Coleman is a sophomore biochemistry major at West Chester University. He is also a pre-medical student, aspiring to become a psychiatrist.


This paper argues that persistent discrimination against LGBTQ persons causes disruption of individuals’ well-being, leading them to face unfortunate adversity and having a negative effect on society as a whole. Research-based evidence is presented that illustrates the negative effects of LGBTQ discrimination, including a greater tendency for people who are LGBTQ to attempt suicide and to have poor physical health due to excessive stress. The complicating roles of bullying, religion, and race are examined, as is the enforced silence that often surrounds Like LGBTQ people, encouraging them to hide their sexual orientation and accept oppression. This can lead to internalized heterosexism, from which many LGBTQ people suffer. Internalized heterosexism, where an individual comes to accept others’ negative attitudes about homosexuality, can cause low self-esteem, even to the point of self-hatred. Finally, the paper looks at actions that can be taken by schools and the larger society to help correct the effects of LGBTQ discrimination and create safe spaces for LGBTQ children and adolescents to develop within a healthy, positive environment.