Should native art be displayed in museums?

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The West Chester University Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology’s newest exhibition, “Earth Day at 50: Lessons for a Sustainable Future,” focuses on past and present environmental activism both nationally and locally, the reality of the current global climate crisis and sustainable practices for a livable future. In this exhibit, the student co-curators display artwork by contemporary indigenous artist-activists such as Jaida Grey Eagle, Christi Belcourt, Isaac Murdoch and the Onaman Collective. According to the WCU Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology’s website, this exhibit “highlights Indigenous environmental protests and movements,” and thankfully, I was able to have a conversation with two of the displayed native artists, Grey Eagle and Murdoch. I talked to them about their stances on the acquisition and exhibition of native art within the museum.

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The Quad: The Student News Service of West Chester University


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