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In our research, we are investigating Pennes Bioheat equation, which is used for simulating the propagation of heat energy in human tissues. This equation was proposed by Pennes in 1948 based on his experiments of measuring the radial temperature distribution in the forearm of nine subjects. Pennes' equation provides the theoretical basis for studying heat transfer in perfused tissue and has been widely studied since then. However, Pennes' equation has been criticized for various reasons, including the fact that his experimental data did not seem to match the model. One of the objectives of our work is to find the best parameter values that can be used to accurately match the computational solution with the experimental results. The data collected from this research will be used as preliminary results for another study, which aims to model the procedure of Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia treatment for curing human cancers and tumors.


Presented at the West Chester University Research & Creative Activity Day

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