"Transcribing William Darlington" Virtual Presentation

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Recording from October 27, 2020 of the "Transcribing William Darlington” virtual presentation. This talk was held by WCU Special Collections and WCU Center for Book History and the talk focuses on a team transcription project of botanist William Darlington’s letterbooks.

Presenters include former Special Collections interns and WCU students Kelli Billings, Christopher Burroughs, and Christoforos Sassaris and WCU faculty and staff members, Professor Ron McColl, Dr. Eleanor Shevlin, and Jenna Bossert. This presentation outlines an introduction to William Darlington, lessons we learned, the next steps for the project, and highlights from the letters.

Provided below are some of the resources we discussed during the Q&A. - Maura Flannery’s article in the Archives of Natural History publication about the plant John Torrey named after William Darlington can be found online here https://www.euppublishing.com/doi/pdf...

- Flannery’s posts on William Darlington can be found here on the Herbarium World blog https://herbariumworld.wordpress.com/...

- The 1777 Chester County Property Atlas Project https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/... ·

-Through the 1777 Chester County Property Atlas Project, you can find plenty of information, including this downloadable map of Birmingham Township. This map here https://www.chesco.org/DocumentCenter... shows where Abraham Darlington (William Darlington’s father) owned property on the East bank of the Brandywine River.

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