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Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies


This research represents the first site-wide floristic survey of the Gordon Natural Area (GNA), and consists of 348 species in 238 genera and 95 families. The survey was conducted by two West Chester University undergraduate students, Jack Holt and Jim Plyler, under the supervision of Dr. William Overlease. The bulk of the work took place during 1984; however, some woody species previously noted in the GNA by Jim Plyler were also incorporated into the list. The checklist was compiled for all vascular families encountered at the GNA, with the exception of the Grass Family (Poaceae), Rush Family (Juncaceae), and Sedge Family (Cyperaceae). This checklist stood as the sole site-wide checklist for the preserve until 2007, when Jack Holt and botanist Janet Ebert conducted the second site-wide survey of the GNA. In contrast to the initial survey, the 2007 survey included grasses, rushes, and sedges. Species names were standardized by N. Ritter to follow the nomenclature in USDA PLANTS. Species marked with an asterisk are those that were last noted in the GNA in 1984. Of the 348 species, 265 are native to the lower 48 States and 81 are introduced (indicated in red in the list). Two species, Calystegium sepens and Polygonum scandens, are considered to be native in some parts of the lower 48 states and introduced in other portions.

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