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Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies


Summary Data Number of Surveys: 108 'Site Visits' by 28 Birders. Note: this does not count the birders who participated in the 2004 West Chester Bird Club Survey as they were not identified on the species checklist. Number of Taxa: 125 Species, in 86 Genera and 38 Families. Abundances The color of each month's 'box' represents the average number of individuals observed during all surveys during that month (see key at the bottom of the page). The first number within the 'box' for each month represents the number of days in which that species was observed during the month; the second number represents the total number of days of surveying for that month. Audubon Priority Birds: "are birds of significant conservation need, for which our actions, over time, can lead to measurable improvements in status" (Audubon 2020a). PBS Status Data are from the Pennsylvania Biological Survey (PBS 2020). IUCN Status: Data are from the The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN 2020). Threats The 2014 climate threat assessment data are from Audubon (2020b). The 2020 climate threat assessment data (Audubon 2020c) were compiled from a query based on species' statuses in Zip Code 19383 and a query for species' statuses in Pennsylvania. The default was data for Zip Code 19383, whenever these were available. Foraging Strategies and Food Sources Data were compiled from the Audubon Guide to North American Birds website (Audubon 2020d). Ground Foraging Species (i.e., species that are either ground foragers or foliage-gleaners and which forage on invertebrates) were determined based on Conover (2011).

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