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Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies


Summary Data Number of Taxa: 14 Species, in 13 Genera, 6 Families, and 5 Orders. Description Investigation of the ichthyofauna (i.e., fish) of the GNA began has a fairly long-history, but has been sporadic and the findings have been poorly archived. The earliest known research was undertaken by former WCU Biology Professor Win Fairchild. Regrettably, we only have his data from a single study (Butler & Fairchild 2005). WCU graduate student Danielle DiFederico (one of Win Fairchild's students) conducted her Master's research in Plum Run in the early 2000. Following this, there was a long fallow period (with just a single observation having been recorded from 2005 through 2017). In recent years, however, the Stroud Water Research Center has been conducting annual surveys in Plum Run within the boundaries of the GNA. Data from that research have been incorporated here. It is hoped that moving forward, ichthyological research will be a much more regular feature at the GNA. Status/Threats IUCN Status: Data are from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN 2020). The GNA checklist was compared with the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Environmental Review List (PNHP 2020). None of the eighty-eight fish species listed on the environmental review list are known to occur in the GNA. The checklist was also compared with species listed in the Chester County Natural Heritage Inventory (PNHP 2015). None of the fish species known for the GNA were listed as being of special concern in Chester County.

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