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Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies


Data were compiled from surveys by Dr. Harry Tiebout, augmented by observations from GNA staff (which, as used here, includes student interns), graduate student Steven Clay, the Stroud Water Research Center, additional WCU Faculty, and members of the WCU Grounds Department. Local residents who are regular visitors to the Gordon have also occasionally contributed observations. Because herptile data haven't been systematically archived by the GNA staff until recent years, there are many gaps in the observation timeline that are clearly artificial. For example, although the observation history for the Eastern American Toad, Eastern Redback Salamander, and Eastern Box Turtle suggests that there were a number of years in which one, or all, of these species were not seen at the GNA, it is very likely that all three of these species have been observed numerous times during every year that the GNA has been in existence. Hopefully, moving forward, we'll be able to maintain a more complete record of observations.

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