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Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies


This checklist was compiled from Gordon Natural Area (GNA) Staff fieldwork in 2017-2018, augmented by photos from former GNA Stewardship Manager Gerry Hertel, GNA Interns, students and visitors from 2007 to present and by the 17 'identified species' (i.e., not counting 'morphospecies', e.g., 'Unknown Shelf Fungus') in Levy et al. 2008. The checklist contains 268 species in 178 Genera and 92 Families. Species are organized in three 'groupings': Slime Molds (19 species); Ascomycetes (52 species); and, Basidiomycetes ( 196 species). Although slime molds aren't properly 'fungi', they are closely related to fungi and are often included in mycological studies. Hence, we have chosen to include them here. One the other hand, we've chosen not to include lichens (which are included in Kingdom Fungi), because they were beyond the scope of this study.

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