The Robert B. Gordon Natural Area is a nearly hundred-acre parcel of eastern deciduous woodland in the Plum Run watershed on the South Campus of West Chester University. Preservation of any natural site is of invaluable importance to sustain the vitality and stability of the environment. The Gordon Natural Area is of particular importance because its functions are so comprehensive.
The Gordon Natural Area not only supports a great range of life including plants, fungi, invertebrates, and vertebrates, but also serves as a "natural laboratory" for various environmentally-related courses at West Chester University. The Gordon Natural Area is an integral aspect of both the environment and of education in Chester County. We must strive to maintain this ecological sanctuary so that its many attributes are not lost to the pressures of development.


Browse the Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies Collections:

Deer and Non-native Invasive Plant Impact Study

East Bradford Riparian Forest Project

East Goshen Township Forest Restoration Project

Forest Carbon Storage Study

Forest Health Monitoring Study

Garlic Mustard Study

Gordon Natural Area Archaeology Project

Gordon Natural Area Baseline Plant Survey

Gordon Natural Area Biodiversity Studies

Gordon Natural Area Bird Survey

Gordon Natural Area Forest Restoration Project

Gordon Natural Area Geology Studies

Gordon Natural Area Herpetological Studies

Gordon Natural Area History & Strategic Plan

Gordon Natural Area-related Curricula

Gordon Natural Area Soils Studies

Historical Tree Fall Study

Plum Run Stream Organism Survey

Plum Run Water Quality Study

Shagbark Hickory Distribution Study

Tigue Hill Forest Restoration Project

WCU Tree Campus USA

White Ash Distribution Study

White Oak Distribution Study

William Overlease Plant Succession Study