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Dating Violence is exceptionally prevalent among young adults. Dating violence includes physical, emotional, sexual, verbal abuse, and stalking. Implementing intervention and prevention tools within higher education is critical to teach young adults the warning signs of dating violence and where they can receive help. This study implemented a 2-session dating violence prevention program developed by the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County in Honors 100; a first-year course taken by all new honors students. We administered a pre-and post-survey to compare learning objectives before and after the education program. Specifically, we focused on recognizing relationship abuse, supporting others who have experienced abuse, finding resources to help themselves or others, identifying red flags in relationships, and understanding how to proceed in an abusive relationship. Preliminary analysis has revealed that 33% of participants responded that they knew where they could go if they were experiencing dating abuse in the pre-survey. This number increased to 86% in the post-survey after the completion of the education program. Full statistical analysis is currently ongoing and will potentially reveal additional insights into the importance of domestic violence education.


Presented during West Chester University's Research & Creative Activity Day, 17 April 2024