The DNA Discussion Project @ West Chester University

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This video was created on April 11, 2009 to promote the DNA Discussion Project at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The project was started in 2006 by Dr. Anita Foeman, a professor in the Department of Communication Studies. Its goal is to encourage people on and around campus to talk about their diversity. The project is broken into three parts: 1) A pre-interview where a participant explains his or her beliefs about that person's ethnicity; 2) A DNA test where cells are taken from the inside of the mouth and sent to a lab for analysis; and 3) A post-test interview in which the participant reveals what he or she learned after receiving the results. Another goal of the project is to expand the idea that people are not 100% one ethnicity or 50/50 between two ethnicities: The fact is most of us are a blend, even though we may not know it. The video was created by Nathan Kutz, an undergraduate Communication Studies student with interest in intercultural communication and technology. For more information visit www.dnadiscussionproject.com.

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