Developing Leadership Skills and Abilities for Student Affairs Administrators


Developing Leadership Skills and Abilities for Student Affairs Administrators



Leadership skills and abilities are essential for student affairs administrators and educators. Through a narrative approach, this book addresses current issues in leadership and administration for student affairs from a variety of perspectives. Lessons, tips, and strategies for student affairs professionals at various levels are provided. Letters from new professionals in the field of student affairs are included, offering insights to graduate students on the challenges of leadership that occur when entering the profession. Additionally, these letters can be used in the classroom as case studies. The book is structured into three parts that include letters to graduate students from new professionals, mid-level managers, and senior/retired administrators. Part I focuses on making the transition from graduate student to new professional, navigating a new campus culture and environment, setting and maintaining boundaries, creating a work-life balance, the importance of campus and professional association involvement, and looking beyond traditional student affairs roles to serve students. These letters will be a valuable tool when evolving as a leader in student affairs. Part II explores the supervisory relationship, ethical dilemmas in higher education and leading colleagues, using challenge and support with students and colleagues, and preparing for the next steps for moving up from new professional to mid-manager. These letters contain the knowledge, skill, and insight to train graduate interns and supervisees new to the student affairs field. Part III studies the letters written to mid-level managers from senior/retired student affairs administrators. The importance of building relationships throughout the leadership journey, forming a professional identity, understanding the importance of budgets, the importance of leading with integrity, and the significance of strategic leadership is stressed. Reflection and Action exercises at the end of each chapter will enhance the knowledge, skills, and wisdom for the reader to map out the journey in becoming a competent leader in the field of student affairs. This book will be an excellent student affairs resource for entry-level, mid-level and senior-level professionals, and college administrators.



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Developing Leadership Skills and Abilities for Student Affairs Administrators