Overall recommended test:

2C-B-FLY forms crystals with several reagents and each of these are abundantly formed and quite distinct. However, the crystals with the aqueous gold chloride reagent are most suitable for IR microspectroscopy.


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2C-B-FLY in 5% Aqueous HAuCl₄

2C-B-FLY in 5% HAuCl₄ in 1:2 concentrated H2SO₄: H₂0

2C-B-FLY in Gold Bromide (HAuBr₄)

2C-B-FLY in Mercuric Chloride (HgCl₂)

2C-B-FLY in Mercuric Iodide (Hgl₂)

2C-B-FLY in Platinic Bromide (H₂PtBr₆)

2C-B-FLY in Platinic Chloride (H₂PtCl₆)