The Contemporary Pennsylvania Legislature

The Contemporary Pennsylvania Legislature



In The Contemporary Pennsylvania Legislature, John J. Kennedy explores a variety of topics that are relevant for any small lawmaking institution. He investigates to what degree current social and technological changes have affected the Pennsylvania legislature and how it has been transformed from a part-time lawmaking body to a full-time professional institution. The data for Kennedy's study comes from a survey of legislators who served in the 1993-1994 Pennsylvania Assembly as well as candidates who ran for office but were defeated. Noting that political parties are on the decline in the U.S., Kennedy examines whether lawmakers are more inclined to follow their own interests, their parties', or those of their constituents when voting on particular issues. In addition to discussing the philosophical dispositions of legislators, he also examines the electoral experiences of defeated candidates.



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University Press of America


Lanham, MD


American Politics


The author of this book is a member of West Chester University’s Department of Political Science.

As of 2016, the Department of Political Science was moved from the College of Business & Public Affairs to the newly formed College of the Sciences & Mathematics as part of a University-wide reorganization.

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The Contemporary Pennsylvania Legislature