On Air: Effective Announcing

On Air: Effective Announcing



By providing students with essential information regarding broadcast performance, On Air: Effective Announcing helps them develop the skills required to enter the field of professional announcing. The text also helps students understand how the study of broadcast performance fits within the larger framework of communication studies.
The book begins with an overview of the professional practice of announcing and an exploration of essential principles of effective communication. Later chapters help the reader prepare for on-air performance. The book provides valuable advice regarding what to expect on set, how to prepare for live broadcast performance, how to make on-air communication meaningful and memorable, and more. Additional chapters are dedicated to the development of a distinctive voice and effective speech practices, mastery of spoken English, and developing an understanding of sound and audio. The final chapter provides real-world strategies for breaking into the business and building a lasting career.
Featuring voice exercises, opportunities for reflection, and a surplus of practical advice, On Air is well suited for introductory courses in broadcast performance, media performance, and announcing.



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Broadcast and Video Studies

On Air: Effective Announcing