A Conversation with Laurah Klepinger, Author of "Transnational Yoga at Work"

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Seminar Presentation

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In this installment of Lexington Books' "Anthropology of Tourism: Heritage, Mobility and Society" Author Conversation, series editor Michael A. Di Giovine talks with Dr. Laurah Kleppinger, author of "Transnational Yoga at Work: Spiritual Tourism and its Blind Spots." They discuss the global SYVC organization and the spiritual tourism/pilgrimage that occurs at its ashram, paying attention to the gendered, caste and class inequalities between low-wage service workers who help the ashram run, the professional yoga instructors, and foreign visitors. Complicating this is the focus on individual growth that creates a tourist bubble, as well as a now-emerging history of inpropriety and abuse at the highest levels of the organization. How an early career researcher navigates these waters, particularly during COVID, and what the pandemic taught us all about holistic health, are other discussions that emerged. - For more information on the book: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781793615626... - For more information on the series: https://rowman.com/Action/SERIES/_/LE...

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