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The analysis of human skeletal remains continues to be an important factor in the archaeological investigations of ancient cemeteries. Studies of human remains had become progressively marginalized in many parts of the classical world during the 20th century. Recently skeletal studies have re-emerged to become of increasing importance in reconstructing the culture history of Sicily. A review of the history of osteological and related investigations on Sicily, including publications and the recent initiation of several important studies in molecular biology, demonstrates the considerable progress made in recent years. This historical overview provides future researchers with a complete bibliography as well as indications of the many possible directions in research that are now available. The enlarged and definitive list of relevant publications gathered here updates earlier reviews that had surveyed studies of Sicilian skeletal populations (Becker 1995-96, 2000a, Robb 1997, also Di Salvo and Germana 1997). The present survey provides an historical overview together with an intellectual history, plus an indication of the extent of human skeletal material recovered from Sicilian archaeological sites of all periods up to the present. These skeletal data are incorporated into an archaeological framework with the intent of providing both the context and the background needed for future comparative studies. This survey also serves as a channel by which basic data may he located for all types of skeletal and related research pertaining to the human biology of Sicily.

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Rivista di Antropologia: Journal of Anthropological Sciences


Italian Institute of Anthropology



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