Date of Award

Fall 2019

Document Type

Dissertation Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)


Public Policy and Administration

Committee Chairperson

Michelle L. Wade, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Jeremy N. Phillips, Ph.D., MPA

Committee Member

Kristen Crossney, Ph.D.


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of preservice training provided by a treatment home program in New Jersey through the treatment home parents’ point of view. Treatment home programs are a step higher than basic foster care. Youth in the treatment home programs are diagnosed with various mental illnesses coupled with behavioral problems. The youth require intensive therapy and specialized services. These youth also require a high level of supervision by the treatment home parent. This study identified factors that influenced the impact of the preservice training, such as the content and delivery of preservice training, preparation to deal with challenging behaviors, and preparation to prevent multiple placements. Data was generated from an online survey and semi-structured interviews that consisted of ten participants who completed the 40-hour preservice training and have at least one youth placed in the home. Findings indicated that the treatment home parents felt that the preservice training was effective overall.